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Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress...
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress...
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress...
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress...
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress...
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper
Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper

Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper

This Luxury MicroCoils and Wool Mattress Topper upgrades your mattress with 15 cm of Pure Combed Wool and the perfect elasticity of the individually packed MicroCoils.

It has two functionalities: provide a healthy surface to sleep on and improve the firmness of your mattress..

Comes in all common sizes and also bespoke size.

Avaliable for babies also.

  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: Pure Combed Wool, 3.2kg/m2 and a layer of MicroCoils.
Mattress Size
  • 90x190 cm
  • 90x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm
  • 135x190 cm
  • 140x200 cm
  • 150x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
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Each of our hand quilted wool mattress toppers has multiple layers of 100% wool filling, a layer of individually packed MicroCoils, all inside a 100% cotton case.

Its orthopedic benefits are provided by the mattress’s ability to de-escalate muscles and reduce the pressure between the shoulder blades. These mattresses have a medium to high firmness. This additional wool mattress can be used on top of the beds, sofas and foam or spring mattresses. Moreover, it provides a natural sleep surface, specially designed to relieve chronic back pain, having a comfortable place to get a greater sleep.


Originally, the mattress has a greater thickness (16-18cm), meaning that its firmness is slightly lower. After using the mattress topper a few months, the wool inside the mattress will tamp down into the shape of your body, the thickness being reduced to 10 cm, that can fully conform to the body’s natural shape.

On demand, we are able to produce mattresses for your mattress size. Contact us for more details.


  • 100% cotton case
  • 100% Pure Combed Wool filling
  • The wool keeps a comfortable, consistent temperature, regardless of whether is too cold or too hot in the room
  • The wool is naturally hypoallergenic , washed without dyes or harsh chemicals
  • Absorbs moisture, which will dry naturally afterwards, when the mattress is not used


  • Transforms uncomfortable, hard mattresses and beds into a comfortable, restful sleeping surface
  • Sustains the spine and fits perfectly around the body, relieving pressure points
  • Diminishes the pressure points in the hip area, distributing your body weight evenly
  • Keeps an ideal temperature during sleep
  • Eliminates formaldehyde in the air
  • Significantly reduces symptoms of allergies

Wool toppers- long-term health investments

90% of patients with Fibromyalgia have certain sleep disorders as difficulties of falling asleep, frequent insomnia, inability to fall back asleep, frequently changing positions, waking really early every morning. Usually, Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain, cold sensations ( in this case, symptom of fatigue) and frequent headaches.

Wool toppers are considered a treatment for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia due to the wool’s natural properties and the way they interact with the human body. Wool has a natural resistance/elasticity as a result of its corrugated texture and flexibility of each and every wool fiber, providing a natural weight support system.

Additionally, wool releases a therapeutic heat that manages to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness of the muscles. Extremely helpful in the falling asleep process is the mattress which is a perfect fit for the body. This wool is also a natural treatment for all possible allergies. Due to the 100% natural wool fill of the mattress, the Valeria Home Wool Mattress Topper has the advantage to distribute the body’s weight equally, releasing the pressure felt in certain parts of the body. By maintaining its temperature, the body will naturally eliminate the secondary chemical products that were causing pain.


  • Organic, natural, pure
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally induces relaxation – regulates the hearth rate
  • Natural water tightness
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti-dust mites and anti-mold
  • Light
  • Natural pain reliever
  • Maintains the optimum body temperature
  • Animals are not sacrificed
  • Ecological

After a careful analysis, the wool fiber looks like a hair with scales, as the shingle of a roof top. The scales are made from millions of cells, being covered with a thin, slightly porous skin. This porosity allows the water vapors both to enter into the material and be waterproof. The final result is a natural material which allows the moisture to be released in order to create a dry, comfortable, healthy heat. A side effect of this ability to absorb moisture is its resistance to fire. Additionally, each and every wool fiber is naturally elastic, having its own memory. These elastic fibers allow the wool bedding products to return to their original state: soft and fluffy even after compression. This is one of the many reasons why wool bedding products last and can be used longer than other fabrics.

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