Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка
Копринено олекотена завивка

Копринено олекотена завивка

Истинският лукс винаги идва от природата - поглезете се с върховния лукс на копринена завивка от черница.

Тази луксозна копринена завивка на Valeria Home е произведена по най-високите стандарти, използвайки най-добрите 100% подплата от коприна Wild Tussah Silk, обвити в първокласна, изключително фина материя, покрита от 100% естествени влакна - 100% памучен Batiste.

Изработено от 100% чиста подложка от коприна Wild Tussah 150 g/m2 , обвит в 100% памучен Batiste, това покривало Valeria Home е дългосрочна инвестиция във вашето качество на съня.

Топлинна изолация:

Копринената средна завивка е еквивалентна на приблизителната 3-7 Tog топлоизолация. Той е удобен за температури в спалнята между 22 и 26℃ .

Използвахме един 150 g/m2 слой от Carded Silk Padding вътре. Това е идеалният баланс между пропускливостта на въздуха и топлоизолацията. Тази структура е идеална за Летни нощи.

Размер завивка
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160X220 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 200x220 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • Emperor 290x230 cm
  • Twin/Twin XL
  • Full/Queen
  • King / Cal King
Доставка: от 22 февруари 2024 г. нататък.
130,00 €
С вкл. данък Доставка: от 22 февруари 2024 г. нататък.


Why choose a Valeria Home Silk Duvet made with Silk Padding?

We are using segments of 5-7 cm of silk yarns, that are perfectly individualized (stick one fiber to the other). These are mechanically laid in a pad that has volume and a lot of air trapped inside; that means in the end - very effective moisture management and very effective thermoregulating capabilities of each Valeria Home silk product.
The pad is 100% natural silk, no artificial substances.

Our Valeria Home Silk Collection is totally different than the silk bedding products made with mass of long silk fibers which are migrating and agglomerating and have a very low index of comfort.


More than that, discontinuous silk production (pad silk) does not need an intact cocoon to start from. 
In partnership with selected local manufacturers, it has been created and developed a particular kind of production in which the moth is set free and is able to leave the cocoon. Such cocoon, is used as a source of raw material of discontinuous silk (100% CRUELTY FREE). 
Instead, the continuous silk production process requires larvae killing before they pierce out the cocoon once the mutation has taken place, through the secretion of a corrosive liquid that damages the continuous wire.

Silk. The incredible fibre

Silk is a unique and exclusive fibre.
It isolates from heat and cold, makes an excellent thermal insulation, absorbs excess of humidity and quickly releases into the environment. 
It does an excellent job of thermoregulating, and it is exceptional in its breathability.

Silk is a light, elastic, resistant material, not prone to pilling, and it can adapt its own structure to the morphology of the human body. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, perfectly compatible with the human skin, antioxidant and anti-aging.

The delicious sense of comfort offered by products made with Carded Silk Pad derives from the unique characteristics of the silk raw material potentiated by cutting-edge technological processing.

Its advantages include:
•  Health benefits
•  Durability
•  Extraordinary thermoregulation 
•  Excellent breathability  
•  Excellent water and water-vapor absorption capacity without causing a “wet” sensation
•  Capacity to release excess moisture to the environment  
•  Excellent ability to adapt structurally to the morphology of the human body and to the design of the product  
•  Perfect compatibility with human skin naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial
•  Anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties
•  Naturalness and eco-sustainability of the raw materials and production process
•  Low flammability no flame-propagating, does not melt and stick to skin when exposed to fire.



We have replaced the chemical dust mite treatment with Terpeshield, a natural mixture of pure essential oils that ensure protection and aromatherapy. Geraniol and Linalool are natural terpenes found in pure essential oils obtained from plants by steam distillation.

Anti-insecticide and anti-fungal role of Terpeshield:

  • Drives insects and dust mites away - Prevents the appearance of fungi and mold 
  • Neutralizes bad odors

The Terpeshield aromatherapy:

  • Diminishes the stress and increases focus and alertness 
  • Takes away muscle pain, migrain, indigestion and inflammation 
  • Extremely efficient against insomnia, anxiety and palpitations

The Geraniol and Linalool can be found in fruits, vegetables, spices or plants as geranium, lemongrass, lily of the valley, lavender, etc. The washing tests carried out in the lab showed that no active residues were found into the washing water or the rinsing water in which the textile products are Terpeshield treated with.

The Terpeshield treatment does not contain phthalates, permethrins (usually known as Nix), endocrine disruptors or other insecticides or chemical pesticides. Moreover, the treatment process does not consume thermal energy.

The multi-layer structure

We are using bates of carded silk that are wave-shaped and multi-layer arranged. This way, we are able to prevent the overcrowding or the migration of the silk inside the product. The silk layers present a density of 100g/sqm, the winter duvets containing three layers. 

Fiber-proof cotton fabric

The oxygen-bleached cotton fabric means less allergies

The cotton fabric is not coated (no polymer layer is applied) in order to prevent the migration of the fibers. The cotton fabric we are using prevents the fibers to migrate inside the fabric (dense fabric made out of very fine yarns). Moreover, mechanical processes are also prevented. The lack of this coating enables the air and moisture flow, significantly minimizing the perspiration.

Caring for your silk duvet:

We would recommend gentle dry cleaning - spot cleaning only. Do not tumble dry. Use the duvet only with a duvet cover. Hygienically we would also recommend, when the weather is appropriate, expose the products to sunlight in order to wick away the natural moisture appeared overnight. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that the UV light is a high-power disinfectant.

Filling Material
Bedroom temperature
22-26 ℃
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o folosim in fiecare noapte de aproape trei luni... este minunat sa poti dormi invelit (partial :)) si vara! (lucru care, mie, nu mi s-a mai intamplat de vreo 20 de ani...)... senzatia este quasi-miraculoasa, cam ca atingerea unei aripi de fluture... pe scurt: absolut MAGNIFICA!

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Verified purchase

Awesome acquisition

Not only beautiful, but also high quality product! Thank you!

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Verified purchase


I'm a fan of top quality pilots, but this is really beyond expectations! It arrived the next day after the order and after I was called very promptly to confirm the dimensions, luxuriously wrapped, eco-friendly, accompanied by a small very useful gift, with a protective bag that is itself a luxury piece. The cotton satin the girl is made of is so shiny that I could swear it's also silk. It is very light, like a cloud, cool or warm, as needed.<br /> Je suis fan de pilotes de qualité supérieure, mais c'est vraiment au-delà des attentes! Il est arrivé le lendemain de la commande et après avoir été appelé très rapidement pour confirmer les dimensions, luxueusement emballé, écologique, accompagné d'un petit cadeau très utile, avec un sac de protection qui est en soi une pièce de luxe. Le satin de coton dont la fille est faite est si brillant que je pourrais jurer que c'est aussi de la soie. Il est très léger, comme un nuage, frais ou chaud, selon les besoins.<br /> Sono un fan dei piloti di altissima qualità, ma questo è davvero oltre le aspettative! È arrivato il giorno successivo all'ordine e dopo sono stato chiamato molto prontamente per confermare le dimensioni, confezionato in modo lussuoso, ecologico, accompagnato da un piccolo regalo molto utile, con una borsa protettiva che è essa stessa un pezzo di lusso. Il raso di cotone di cui è fatta la ragazza è così lucido che potrei giurare che è anche seta. È molto leggero, come una nuvola, fresco o caldo, a seconda delle necessità.<br /> Ich bin ein Fan von Piloten von höchster Qualität, aber das übertrifft wirklich die Erwartungen! Es kam am nächsten Tag nach der Bestellung an und nachdem ich sehr schnell angerufen wurde, um die Abmessungen zu bestätigen, luxuriös verpackt, umweltfreundlich, begleitet von einem kleinen, sehr nützlichen Geschenk, mit einer Schutztasche, die selbst ein Luxusstück ist. Der Baumwollsatin, aus dem das Mädchen besteht, ist so glänzend, dass ich schwören könnte, dass es auch Seide ist. Es ist sehr leicht, wie eine Wolke, je nach Bedarf kühl oder warm.<br /> Sunt fan pilote de calitate maxima, dar aceasta chiar este peste asteptari! A sosit a doua zi dupa comanda si dupa ce am fost si sunata foarte promt pentru confirmarea dimensiunilor, impachetata de lux, eco-friendly, insotita de un mic cadou foarte util, cu o geanta de protectie care este in sine o piesa de lux. Satinul de bumbac din care e confectionata fata este atat de lucios incat puteam sa jur ca e si el tot matase. Este foarte usoara, ca un nor, racoroasa sau calduroasa, dupa nevoi.<br /> Είμαι οπαδός των κορυφαίων πιλότων, αλλά αυτό είναι πραγματικά πέρα από τις προσδοκίες! Έφτασε την επόμενη μέρα μετά την παραγγελία και αφού με κάλεσαν πολύ γρήγορα για να επιβεβαιώσω τις διαστάσεις, πολυτελή τυλιγμένες, φιλικές προς το περιβάλλον, συνοδευόμενες από ένα μικρό πολύ χρήσιμο δώρο, με μια προστατευτική τσάντα που είναι από μόνη της ένα πολυτελές κομμάτι. Το βαμβακερό σατέν από το οποίο είναι φτιαγμένο το κορίτσι είναι τόσο γυαλιστερό που θα μπορούσα να ορκιστώ ότι είναι και μετάξι. Είναι πολύ ελαφρύ, σαν σύννεφο, δροσερό ή ζεστό, όπως απαιτείται.<br /> Аз съм фен на пилоти от най-високо качество, но това наистина надхвърля очакванията! Той пристигна на следващия ден след поръчката и след като бях извикан много бързо, за да потвърдя размерите, луксозно опакован, екологичен, придружен от малък много полезен подарък, със защитна чанта, която сама по себе си е луксозно парче. Памучният сатен, от който е направено момичето, е толкова лъскав, че мога да се закълна, че е и копринен. Той е много лек, като облак, хладен или топъл, ако е необходимо.<br />

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Verified purchase

Wonderful product

just had our first night with our new summer silk comforter. it is a perfect combination of light weight and warmth. beautifully crafted. we're loving it and will be back for more.

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This is the perfect one for me. Very light and comfortable. Surrounds my body like velvet.

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Super comfy

just wasn't sure this was going to be "the" comforter. I was so wrong - this is THE best comforter. Feels like a cloud...doesn't get hot but gives us warmth. The insides don't move and create lumps. Valeria Home is so easy to work with. Just ordered sheets too. I<br /> am now a loyal customer!

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