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Merino Light Duvet
Merino Light Duvet
Merino Light Duvet
Merino Light Duvet
Merino Light Duvet

Merino Light Duvet

This is more than just a beautiful duvet, it's the full package—delivering an incredible night's sleep. You get warmth, temperature regulation and breathability in this signature handmade product. Controls moisture while you sleep.

Wonderful sleep comes from carefully selected natural materials.

Made with 100% Pure Merino Wool 150 g/m2 and 100% Organic Cotton Batiste 300TC, this Valeria Home Duvet is a long term investment in your quality of sleep.

Thermal insulance:

The light weight Summer duvet is equivalent to approximate 2-6 Tog thermal insulance. It is comfortable for bedroom temperatures between 23 and 26 ℃.

We used only one layer of Merino Wool inside, to maximize air permeability. This structure is perfect for Summer nights.

Benefits of using a pure merino wool duvet:

- Hypoallergenic and anti-mites;
- Naturally insulating material, excelent moisture control, high in air-permeability;
- Helps regulate body temperature, achieving a peaceful, good night sleep through the night, in all seasons.

Duvet Size
  • Single 135x200 cm
  • 160X220 cm
  • Double 200x200 cm
  • King 230x220 cm
  • Super King 260x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • Emperor 290x230 cm
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antimoliiTERPESHIELD anti-moth treatment

We have replaced the chemical dust mite treatment with Terpeshield, a natural mixture of pure essential oils that ensure protection and aromatherapy. Geraniol and Linalool are natural terpenes found in pure essential oils obtained from plants by steam distillation.

Anti-insecticide and anti-fungal role of Terpeshield:

  • Removes the moths and their larvae from the clean natural wool 
  • Drives insects and dust mites away - Prevents the appearance of fungi and mold 
  • Neutralizes bad odors

The Terpeshield aromatherapy:

  • Diminishes the stress and increases focus and alertness 
  • Takes away muscle pain, migrain, indigestion and inflammation 
  • Extremely efficient against insomnia, anxiety and palpitations

The Geraniol and Linalool can be found in fruits, vegetables, spices or plants as geranium, lemongrass, lily of the valley, lavender, etc. The washing tests carried out in the lab showed that no active residues were found into the washing water or the rinsing water in which the textile products are Terpeshield treated with.

The Terpeshield wool treatment does not contain phthalates, permethrins (usually known as Nix), endocrine disruptors or other insecticides or chemical pesticides. Moreover, the treatment process does not consume thermal energy.

multilayerThe multi-layer structure

We are using bates of wool that are wave-shaped and multi-layer arranged. This way, we are able to prevent the overcrowding or the migration of the wool inside the product. The wool layers present a density of 150-300g/sqm, the winter duvets containing two or more wool layers. 

For the pillows, we are using the same method, arranging the wool not to migrate inside the pillow, preventing the overcrowding of the wool in time.

organic cottonFiber-proof cotton fabric

The oxygen-bleached organic cotton fabric means less allergies

The organic cotton fabric is not coated (no polymer layer is applied) in order to prevent the migration of the fibers or feathers used for the manufacturing of the traditional pillows. The organic cotton fabric we are using prevents the wool fibers to migrate inside the fabric (dense fabric made out of very fine yarns). Moreover, mechanical processes are also prevented. The lack of this coating enables the air and moisture flow, significantly minimizing the perspiration.


  • Lightweight 
  • Non-allergic and anti-mites 
  • Naturally insulating material 
  • High in air-permeability 
  • Helps regulate body temperature, achieving a peaceful, good night sleep through the night, in all seasons

caring for woolCaring for your wool duvet:

Our Valeria Home Merino Wool Collection is entirely natural, so shouldn't need cleaning often (simply airing it out can do it the world of good). When the weather is appropriate, expose the products to sunlight in order to wick away the natural moisture appeared overnight. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that the UV light is a high-power disinfectant.

We would recommend gentle dry cleaning - spot cleaning only. Do not tumble dry. Use the duvet only with a duvet cover. 

lanolinLanolin- the wool’s scent

The merino wool that we use for our Valeria Home products is an pure natural ecological wool, 100% pure. Our wool is obtained from sheep that are raised with no antibiotics, hormones or other chemical treatments. For the cleaning and washing process we have replaced the usual detergents with ecological ones in order to prevent vegetation, dust and excess fat. The result confines in a noble, clean wool that does not have its characteristic pungent odor.

We do not clean the wool by soaking it in sulfuric acid in order to remove the vegetable matter from the wool. Usually, this sulfuric-acid bath removes the lanolin, the substance responsible for the therapeutic benefits of the wool.

In our cleaning process the vegetable matter that remains in the wool is removed once again using a special mechanic technology for combing the wool.

The wool we are using in our Valeria Home products has lanolin onto the fibers. Lanolin has its characteristic odor, ”wool smell”, which in time fades (during the first weeks). The smell of the lanolin represents a certainty of the therapeutic benefits of the products made out of wool.

We do recommend the ventilation of the products 24-48 hours before the first use, in sunlight.

Filling Material
Merino Wool
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I am extremely excited about the products. Thank you very much for the kindness and beautiful collaboration and I congratulate you for the quality of the products! I recommend with confidence!<br /> Je suis extrêmement enthousiasmé par les produits. Merci beaucoup pour la gentillesse et la belle collaboration et je vous félicite pour la qualité des produits! Je recommande en toute confiance!<br /> Sono estremamente entusiasta dei prodotti. Grazie mille per la gentilezza e la bellissima collaborazione e mi congratulo con te per la qualità dei prodotti! Raccomando con fiducia!<br /> Ich bin äußerst gespannt auf die Produkte. Vielen Dank für die Freundlichkeit und schöne Zusammenarbeit und ich gratuliere Ihnen zur Qualität der Produkte! Ich empfehle mit Zuversicht!<br /> Sunt extrem de incantata de produse. Multumesc mult pentru amabilitate si frumoasa colaborare si va felicit pentru calitatea produselor! Recomand cu incredere!<br /> Είμαι εξαιρετικά ενθουσιασμένος για τα προϊόντα. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για την καλοσύνη και την όμορφη συνεργασία και σας συγχαίρω για την ποιότητα των προϊόντων! Το προτείνω με αυτοπεποίθηση!<br /> Изключително съм развълнувана от продуктите. Благодаря ви много за добротата и красивото сътрудничество и ви поздравявам за качеството на продуктите! Препоръчвам с увереност!<br />

Verified purchase

Very Pleased

Very excited about the products! We use both pillows and duvets with great pleasure and we have only words of praise. Congratulations on everything you do! I highly recommend!<br /> Très enthousiasmé par les produits! Nous utilisons les oreillers et les couettes avec grand plaisir et nous n'avons que des éloges. Félicitations pour tout ce que vous faites! Je recommande fortement!<br /> Molto entusiasta dei prodotti! Usiamo cuscini e piumoni con grande piacere e abbiamo solo parole di elogio. Congratulazioni per tutto quello che fai! Consiglio vivamente!<br /> Sehr aufgeregt über die Produkte! Wir benutzen sowohl Kissen als auch Bettdecken mit großer Freude und haben nur lobende Worte. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu allem, was Sie tun! Ich empfehle sehr!<br /> Tare incantata sunt de produse! Folosim cu mare placere atat pernele cat si pilotele si nu avem decat cuvinte de lauda. Felicitari pentru tot ceea ce faceti! Recomand cu mare drag!<br /> Πολύ ενθουσιασμένος για τα προϊόντα! Χρησιμοποιούμε τόσο μαξιλάρια όσο και παπλώματα με μεγάλη χαρά και έχουμε μόνο λόγια επαίνους. Συγχαρητήρια για ό, τι κάνετε! Συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα!<br /> Много се вълнувам от продуктите! Използваме както възглавници, така и завивки с голямо удоволствие и имаме само думи на похвала. Поздравления за всичко, което правите! Силно препоръчвам!

Verified purchase

Super Quality

I have a summer quilt (which I wrap now and it's great!) And a pillow! They are excellent and thank you! I will order a winter quilt soon!<br /> J'ai une courtepointe d'été (que j'enveloppe maintenant et c'est super!) Et un oreiller! Ils sont excellents et merci! Je vais bientôt commander une courtepointe d'hiver!<br /> Ho una trapunta estiva (che avvolgo adesso ed è fantastica!) E un cuscino! Sono eccellenti e grazie! Ordinerò presto una trapunta invernale!<br /> Ich habe eine Sommerdecke (die ich jetzt einpacke und sie ist großartig!) Und ein Kissen! Sie sind ausgezeichnet und danke! Ich werde bald einen Winterquilt bestellen!<br /> Am o pilota de vara ( cu care ma invelesc acum si este grozava!) si o perna! Sunt excelente si va multumesc! Curand voi comanda o pilota de iarna!<br /> Έχω ένα καλοκαιρινό πάπλωμα (το οποίο τυλίγω τώρα και είναι υπέροχο!) Και ένα μαξιλάρι! Είναι εξαιρετικοί και σας ευχαριστώ! Θα παραγγείλω σύντομα χειμερινό πάπλωμα!<br /> Имам лятна завивка (която увивам сега и е страхотна!) И възглавница! Те са отлични и благодаря! Скоро ще поръчам зимна завивка!

Verified purchase

Very satisfied

I bought two duvets and two pillows!...Quality, exceptional! All the staff, wonderful!<br /> J'ai acheté deux couettes et deux oreillers! ... Qualité, exceptionnelle! Tout le personnel, merveilleux!<br /> Ho comprato due piumoni e due cuscini! ... qualità, eccezionale! Tutto lo staff, meraviglioso!<br /> Ich habe zwei Bettdecken und zwei Kissen gekauft! ... Qualität, außergewöhnlich! Das gesamte Personal, wunderbar!<br /> Am cumpărat două pilote și două perne! ... Calitate, excepțională! Tot personalul, minunat!<br /> Αγόρασα δύο παπλώματα και δύο μαξιλάρια! ... Ποιότητα, εξαιρετική! Όλο το προσωπικό, υπέροχο!<br /> Купих две завивки и две възглавници! ... Качество, изключително! Целият персонал, прекрасно!

Verified purchase


I bought the summer quilt, it's wonderful!<br /> J'ai acheté la courtepointe d'été, c'est magnifique!<br /> Ho comprato la trapunta estiva, è meravigliosa!<br /> Ich habe die Sommerdecke gekauft, es ist wunderbar!<br /> Am cumpărat plapuma de vară, e minunată!<br /> Αγόρασα το καλοκαιρινό πάπλωμα, είναι υπέροχο!<br /> Купих лятната завивка, прекрасна е!

Verified purchase

Very satisfied

I recently ordered summer duvets, they are wonderful and of very good quality. I recommend.<br /> J'ai récemment commandé des couettes d'été, elles sont magnifiques et de très bonne qualité. Je recommande.<br /> Recentemente ho ordinato piumini estivi, sono meravigliosi e di ottima qualità. Raccomando.<br /> Ich habe kürzlich Sommerbettdecken bestellt, sie sind wunderbar und von sehr guter Qualität. Ich empfehle.<br /> Am comandat recent plapumi de vară, sunt minunate și de foarte bună calitate. Recomand.<br /> Παρήγγειλα πρόσφατα καλοκαιρινά παπλώματα, είναι υπέροχα και πολύ καλής ποιότητας. Προτείνω.<br /> Наскоро поръчах летни завивки, те са прекрасни и с много добро качество. Препоръчвам.

Verified purchase


I bought a quilt and I am very satisfied it is very comfortable in quality, that's is why I also ordered the summer quilt!<br /> J'ai acheté une couette et je suis très satisfaite qu'elle soit très confortable en qualité, c'est pourquoi j'ai également commandé la couette d'été!<br /> Ho comprato una trapunta e sono molto soddisfatta che sia molto comoda in termini di qualità, ecco perché ho ordinato anche la trapunta estiva!<br /> Ich habe einen Quilt gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden, dass er von sehr guter Qualität ist. Deshalb habe ich auch den Sommerquilt bestellt!<br /> Am cumpărat o pilotă și sunt foarte mulțumită că este foarte confortabilă în calitate, de aceea am comandat și pilota de vară!<br /> Αγόρασα ένα πάπλωμα και είμαι πολύ ικανοποιημένος ότι είναι πολύ άνετο στην ποιότητα, γι 'αυτό και διέταξα το καλοκαιρινό πάπλωμα!<br /> Купих си юрган и съм много доволен, че е много удобен като качество, затова поръчах и летния юрган!<br />

Verified purchase


Wonderful! Thanks for the gift, you are great.<br /> Magnifique! Merci pour le cadeau, vous êtes génial.<br /> Meraviglioso! Grazie per il regalo, sei fantastico.<br /> Wunderbar! Danke für das Geschenk, du bist großartig.<br /> Minunata! Multumesc si pentru cadou, sunteti grozavi.<br /> Εκπληκτικός! Ευχαριστώ για το δώρο, είσαι υπέροχος.<br /> Wonderful! Thanks for the gift, you are great.

Verified purchase

Quality and Comfort

I was pleasantly surprised and I love the duvet (I took 2). I recommend with all confidence.<br /> J'ai été agréablement surpris et j'adore la couette (j'en ai pris 2). Je recommande en toute confiance.<br /> Sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso e adoro il piumone (ne ho presi 2). Lo consiglio con tutta fiducia.<br /> Ich war angenehm überrascht und ich liebe die Bettdecke (ich nahm 2). Ich empfehle mit allem Vertrauen.<br /> Am rămas plăcut surprinsă și ador plapuma (am luat 2). Recomand cu toată increderea.<br /> Με εξέπληξε ευχάριστα και μου αρέσει το πάπλωμα (πήρα 2). Συνιστώ με όλη την εμπιστοσύνη.<br /> Бях приятно изненадан и обичам завивката (взех 2). Препоръчвам с увереност.

Verified purchase

Very Pleased

I bought a summer duvet, it is very pleasant (soft and warm)!<br /> J'ai acheté une couette d'été, elle est très agréable (douce et chaude)!<br /> Ho comprato una trapunta estiva, è molto piacevole (morbida e calda)!<br /> Ich habe eine Sommerbettdecke gekauft, sie ist sehr angenehm (weich und warm)!<br /> Am cumparat o pilota de vara,e foarte placuta(moale si calduroasa)!<br /> Αγόρασα ένα καλοκαιρινό πάπλωμα, είναι πολύ ευχάριστο (απαλό και ζεστό)!<br /> Купих лятна завивка, много е приятна (мека и топла)!<br />

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