We have always been driven by a passion for health and we acknowledge the importance of sleep in the well-being of our body and soul.

We appreciate more and more the natural materials in our everyday life. We become aware that certain materials are harmful to the nature, but also to people. We try to decrease the amount of plastic and live environmentally friendly. Health and well-being go hand in hand with environmental responsibility, issues that affect us all.

It is our commitment to create and deliver in accordance with what is right for nature and for the future.

VALERIA HOME - NATURAL MATERIALS FOR A NATURAL SLEEP Quality and durability go hand in hand. It is the reason why we use only natural materials - all to create the perfect sleep. Natural materials allow the bed to breathe, allow air to circulate around the body to create perfect sleeping conditions.

The bed with VALERIA HOME products is defined by comfort and the ability to regulate body temperature while sleeping. Each natural material we use has its own unique advantages and together give you the perfect natural sleep. One night is all you need to appreciate the feeling of natural, breathable materials next to your skin, adding a new dimension of comfort and softness. Driven by the passion for a healthy life, we have dedicated ourselves from the beginning to the development of exceptional bed products, natural and comfortable, which offer a deep and regenerating sleep. All products are made in Romania, using the highest quality natural materials - silk, merino wool, organic cotton.

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