Perfect sleep comes from carefully selected natural materials.

      Valeria Home has a rich history as manufacturers of Bedding products. The journey to where we are now is one filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of making the best merino duvets in the world.

Spirit of perfection

     We believe in improving the sleep quality. We only use pure 100% natural materials. These materials provide a natural sleep experience without exposure to chemicals or toxins. 

     The bedding made by us are all environmentally friendly. We do not use dyes, toxins, or fire-retardant chemicals while creating our products. That results to hypo-allergenic duvets, pillows and toppers which are completely natural.

Total quality control throughout our own production facility

     Every product is carefully manufactured and inspected before delivery. Our craftsmen have tens of years of experience of tailoring. Only the perfect products passes the quality check.

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