Home is the heart of our family!

We dream of bringing nature’s balance into as many homes as possible.

Our purpose is to inspire and help people live more healthily and sustainably by making conscious choices and improving the sense of nature in their homes. We guarantee the highest quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing, along with a product that looks amazing and performs better than similar ones.

Our raw materials are carefully sourced from countries across Europe. We choose our wool, flax, hemp, cotton, and silk from certified partners with a nature-friendly business policy.

We successfully combine high performance with style, practicality, and naturalness. We are committed to delivering only products made from the highest quality natural materials, without forgetting the elegance and careful finishing of the final product.


Our respect for nature determined us to use only natural materials and limit the use of plastic. Currently, we can proudly announce that we have a zero-plastic policy in our factory, from the production line to the packaging.


Valeria Home products are all certified Oeko-tex. This label guarantees that the products have not been manufactured using harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde or pesticides.

Our facility and warehouse are in Romania. All the orders are delivered from our warehouse through fast courier companies.

Surround yourself with natural materials! They will remind you of nature’s peace and tranquillity!