Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet
Summer FLAXILK Duvet

Summer FLAXILK Duvet

Nature's Summer Comfort - Excellent capability to draw heat away from the body.

This High-Performance Summer Valeria Home Linen and Silk Duvet is manufactured to the highest standards, using the best 100% Linen and 100% Tussah Wild Silk padding, encased in a premium, extra fine fabric cover made of 100% natural fibers - 100% Organic Cotton.

Thermoregulation:The duvet's exceptional thermoregulation capabilities allow it to draw heat away from the body, making it a better option than cotton fiber in warmer months. It has an estimated thermal insulation rating of 3-7 Tog, and it is comfortable for room temperatures ranging from 22.5 to 25 ℃.

The duvet's Carded Combination of Linen and Silk Padding, which is one layer measuring 200 g/m2, is not only soft to the touch but also has excellent draping abilities, providing a cool sensation.

For any FLAXILK duvet purchased between May 23 and June 5, you will receive a quilted pillowcase (50 x 70 cm) as a gift.

Duvet Size
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 160X220 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 200x220 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • Emperor 290x230 cm
  • Twin/Twin XL 64''x90''
  • Full/Queen 90''x90''
  • King / Cal King 104''x90''
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Why choose a Valeria Home High-Performance Summer Duvet?

We are using segments of 5-7 cm of silk yarns and linen, that are perfectly individualized (stick one fiber to the other). These are mechanically laid in a pad that has volume and a lot of air trapped inside; that means in the end - very effective moisture management and very effective thermoregulating capabilities of each Summer Duvet.
The pad is made of 100% natural materials (linen and silk), with no artificial substances.

More than that, discontinuous silk production (pad silk) does not need an intact cocoon to start from. 

Linen and Silk. The incredible fibers

Silk is a unique and exclusive fiber.
It isolates from heat and cold, makes excellent thermal insulation, absorbs excess humidity, and quickly releases into the environment. 
It does an excellent job of thermoregulating, and it is exceptional in its breathability.

Linen can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture. Absorb and gives way to the water vapors very fast.

Flax is a cellulose compound and silk is covered by sericin wax. Therefore, there are no allergic reactions when using the duvet. Can help treat several allergic disorders.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and perfectly compatible with human skin.

The delicious sense of comfort offered by products made with Carded Silk Pad derives from the unique characteristics of the silk raw material potentiated by cutting-edge technological processing.

Its advantages include:
•  Health benefits
•  Durability
•  Extraordinary thermoregulation 
•  Excellent breathability  
•  Excellent water and water-vapor absorption capacity without causing a “wet” sensation
•  Capacity to release excess moisture to the environment    
•  Perfect compatibility with human skin naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial
•  Naturalness and eco-sustainability of the raw materials and production process.


We have replaced the chemical dust mite treatment with Terpeshield, a natural mixture of pure essential oils that ensure protection and aromatherapy. Geraniol and Linalool are natural terpenes found in pure essential oils obtained from plants by steam distillation.

Anti-insecticide and anti-fungal role of Terpeshield:

  • Drives insects and dust mites away - Prevents the appearance of fungi and mold 

  • Neutralizes bad odors

The Terpeshield aromatherapy:

  • Diminishes the stress and increases focus and alertness 

  • Takes away muscle pain, migraine, indigestion, and inflammation 

  • Extremely efficient against insomnia, anxiety, and palpitations

The Geraniol and Linalool can be found in fruits, vegetables, or plants such as geranium, lemongrass, lily of the valley, lavender, etc. The washing tests carried out in the lab showed that no active residues were fin in the washing water or the rinsing water in which the textile products are Terpeshield treated with.

The Terpeshield treatment does not contain phthalates, permethrins (usually known as Nix), endocrine disruptors, or other insecticides or chemical pesticides. Moreover, the treatment process does not consume thermal energy.

The multi-layer structure

We are using bates of carded silk that are wave-shaped and multi-layer arranged. This prevents overcrowding or the migration of the silk inside the product. The linen and silk layers present a density of 200g/sqm. 

Fiber-proof cotton fabric

The organic cotton fabric means fewer allergies.

The cotton fabric is not coated (no polymer layer is applied) to prevent the migration of the fibers. The organic cotton fabric we are using prevents the fibers to migrate inside the fabric (dense fabric made out of very fine yarns). Moreover, mechanical processes are also prevented. The lack of this coating enables the air and moisture flow, significantly minimizing perspiration.


  • Lightweight 
  • Non-allergic and anti-mites 
  • Naturally insulating material 
  • High in air-permeability 
  • Helps regulate body temperature, achieving a peaceful, good night's sleep through the night, in all seasons

Caring for your Summer Linen and Silk duvet:

Machine wash, silk or wool program. Use the duvet only with a duvet cover. Hygienically we would also recommend, when the weather is appropriate, exposing the products to sunlight to wick away the natural moisture that appeared overnight. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that UV light is a high-power disinfectant.

Filling Material
Flaxilk - Flax and Silk
Light Cream (Organic Cotton Natural Color)
Bedroom temperature
22-26 ℃
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Ambalajul si calitatea materialelor este la superlativ!! Ideala pentru copii !!

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