Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow
Silk Pillow

Silk Pillow

A VALERIA HOME silk pillow will guarantee that you will have the most comfortable night's sleep, especially if you need adequate head and neck support. These luxurious handmade pillows contain pure Wild Tussah silk lined with pure cotton. The filling is wrapped in a premium cotton batiste fabric.

As silk is hypoallergenic, it is suitable for people with allergies and can also be beneficial for those suffering from aches or pains and sensitive skin. 

The initial elasticity is comparable to that of a pillow filled with down and feathers. Over time, however, the pillow becomes orthopedic: the filling compresses to take the shape of the body, providing good and healthy support. Its weight-supporting capacity remains the same, even though it has lost some volume and the ability to return to its original shape.

A tip to still keep some of the original pillow volume: shake the pillow every few days, gently squeeze it, and then release it to add air to the filling.

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
Pillow size
  • 40x40 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x60 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 65x65 cm
  • 70x70 cm
  • 40x80 cm
  • 50x80 cm
  • 50x90 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 30x50 cm
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How to choose your perfect pillow?

Before choosing your pillow and its level of firmness, you should consider three things:

  • The position you sleep in every night: on the stomach, on the back or on the side?
  • Your stature: are you the mignon type or are you rather tall and stout?
  • Shoulder width: are your shoulder rather narrow or rather broad?

You should know that the majority of people prefer a pillow with medium firmness. However, check below which pillow suits you best based on the criteria above.


You are the mignon type - choose between soft and medium. Check also the sleeping position and you’ll reach the best result.

You are the stout or tall type - you can choose between medium and firm. Check also the sleeping position and you’ll reach the best result.

Sleeping position

1.You sleep on the back: choose a pillow with medium firmness. However, if you are the type whowants to feel a higher pillow underneath their head, or if you have broad shoulders, choose a firm pillow.

2.You sleep on the stomach: you should definitely choose a soft pillow. However, if you prefer a bettersupport for your head, choose a medium pillow.

3.You sleep on the side: choose a firm pillow. However, if you have broader shoulders, choose amedium pillow.

The level of firmness of each Valeria Home pillow in the Silk range
Firmness low
Firmness medium
Firmness high

Good to know: Pillows with 100% natural filling, without polyester added in the filling, like all Valeria Home pillows, do not remain elastic once you start using them. They compress when you start using them, adapting to your stature and sleeping position. They continue to provide healthy support for your head and neck.

Instructions: Air in the sun at the turn of each month. Spot cleaning only. The Pillow should not need cleaning, just air regularly to retain freshness.

Filling Material
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Exquisite aquisition

It is my dream the silky, soft , luxury pilowcase. Beautiful crafted!<br /> C'est mon rêve la taie d'oreiller soyeuse, douce et luxueuse. Belle confectionnée!<br /> È il mio sogno, la federa di lusso setosa e morbida. Ben elaborato!<br /> Es ist mein Traum, der seidige, weiche Luxus-Kissenbezug. Schön verarbeitet!<br /> Este feța de pernă din mătase, fină și de lux a visurilor mele. Frumos realizat!<br /> Είναι το όνειρό μου, η μεταξένια, απαλή πολυτελής μαξιλαροθήκη. Ωραία επεξεργασμένη!<br /> Това е моята мечта, копринената, мека луксозна калъфка за възглавници. Приятно обработен!

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I am very satisfied with this product. It is soft, ensures comfort during sleep.<br /> Je suis très satisfait de ce produit. Il est doux, assure le confort pendant le sommeil.<br /> Sono molto soddisfatto di questo prodotto. È morbido, garantisce comfort durante il sonno.<br /> Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt. Es ist weich und sorgt für Komfort im Schlaf.<br /> Sunt foarte multumita de acest produs. Este moale, asigura confort in timpul somnului.<br /> Είμαι πολύ ικανοποιημένος με αυτό το προϊόν. Είναι απαλό, εξασφαλίζει άνεση κατά τον ύπνο.<br /> Много съм доволен от този продукт. Той е мек, осигурява комфорт по време на сън.<br /> <br />

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Exceptional Products

Silk pillow is a comfortable and healthy solution! <br /> L'oreiller en soie est une solution confortable et saine!<br /> Il cuscino in seta è una soluzione comoda e salutare!<br /> Seidenkissen ist eine bequeme und gesunde Lösung!<br /> Perna din mătase este confortabila și o soluție sănătoasă!<br /> Το μαξιλάρι από μετάξι είναι μια άνετη και υγιεινή λύση!<br /> Копринената възглавница е удобно и здравословно решение!

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Far superior to down, I'm not talking about microfiber. Soft, fluffy, firm enough and smells bestialy! Worth every penny!<br /> Bien supérieur au duvet, je ne parle pas de microfibre. Doux, moelleux, assez ferme et sent la bestialy! Vaut chaque centime!<br /> Di gran lunga superiore al piumino, non sto parlando di microfibra. Morbido, soffice, abbastanza sodo e ha un odore migliore! Vale ogni centesimo!<br /> Weit überlegen gegenüber Daunen, Ich spreche nicht von Mikrofaser. Weich, flauschig, fest genug und riecht bestialisch! Jeden Cent wert!<br /> Cu mult superioare celor din puf, nu mai zic de microfibra. Moi, pufoase, suficient de ferme și miros bestial! merita fiecare banut!<br /> Πολύ ανώτερο από τα κάτω παπλώματα, Δεν μιλώ για μικροΐνες. Μαλακό, αφράτο, αρκετά σφριγηλό και μυρίζει υπέροχα! Αξίζει κάθε δεκάρα!<br /> Далеч по-добър от пух, не говоря за микрофибър. Мека, пухкава, достатъчно твърда и мирише зверски! Заслужава си всяка стотинка!

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