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Brown Slippers
Brown Slippers
Brown Slippers
Brown Slippers
Brown Slippers
Brown Slippers

Brown Slippers

The lightest slippers are made of 100% natural materials. Only 100 grams. Made in Austria.

Seamless: the shape is made by steaming and mechanical processing of the wool felt.

  • Thermal insulation
  • Air and water vapor permeability
  • Self-sanitation
  • Neutralizes the smell
  • 100% undyed wool
  • Thermoregulates

Exterior and interior: felt 100% Natural wool, undyed (natural color).
Sole: Wool felt impregnated with natural latex - non-slip, anti-wear, perfectly anatomical.

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  • Design: with heel support, edge without reinforcement - maximum comfort and durability.
  • Orthopedics: a last that perfectly follows the shape of the sole - as if you were walking barefoot.
  • Sole: wool felt impregnated with natural latex - 100% safe and healthy.
  • Sole: semi-rigid, elastic - retains its orthopedic shape throughout life.
  • Durable: shelf life of 3-5 years or more.

Production stages:

Washing: The wool is cleaned of impurities and excess lanolin - a 100% ecological process.
Carding: The wool is carded and mechanically processed. The result is wool of uniform density. 
Felting 1:The wool is steamed and mechanically processed. The resulting semi-finished felt. 
Formation: The felt is molded on the last - followed by the second steaming and pressing.
3D Formation: The sole is applied - the orthopedic shape is made by hot pressing.

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