The combination of Wild Tussah silk and soft flax fibres creates a remarkable blend that provides impressive support for the head and neck. The Flaxilk pillow has a filling made of 100% natural flax and silk supported by a core of 100% organic cotton. Its role is to ensure the pillow's elasticity, to maintain its volume.

The Wild Tussah silk is a natural protein fibre with a uniquely soft and luxurious feel. It is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, the flax fibres are soft and breathable, allowing for excellent air circulation and moisture management.

Flaxilk is the ideal choice for warmer seasons, especially summer.

The initial elasticity is comparable to that of a pillow filled with down and feathers. Over time, however, the pillow becomes orthopedic: the filling compresses to take the shape of the body, providing good and healthy support. Its weight-supporting capacity remains the same, even though it has lost some volume and the ability to return to its original shape.

A tip to still keep some of the original pillow volume: shake the pillow every few days, gently squeeze it, and then release it to add air to the filling.

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
Pillow size
  • 40x40 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x60 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 65x65 cm
  • 70x70 cm
  • 40x80 cm
  • 50x80 cm
  • 50x90 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 50x30 cm
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How to choose your perfect pillow?

Before choosing your pillow and its level of firmness, you should consider three things:

  • The position you sleep in every night: on the stomach, on the back or on the side?
  • Your stature: are you the mignon type or are you rather tall and stout?
  • Shoulder width: are your shoulder rather narrow or rather broad?

You should know that the majority of people prefer a pillow with medium firmness. However, check below which pillow suits you best based on the criteria above.


You are the mignon type - choose between soft and medium. Check also the sleeping position and you’ll reach the best result.

You are the stout or tall type - you can choose between medium and firm. Check also the sleeping position and you’ll reach the best result.

Sleeping position

1.You sleep on the back: choose a pillow with medium firmness. However, if you are the type whowants to feel a higher pillow underneath their head, or if you have broad shoulders, choose a firm pillow.

2.You sleep on the stomach: you should definitely choose a soft pillow. However, if you prefer a bettersupport for your head, choose a medium pillow.

3.You sleep on the side: choose a firm pillow. However, if you have broader shoulders, choose amedium pillow.

The level of firmness of each Valeria Home pillow in the Flaxilk range
Firmness low
Firmness medium
Firmness high

Good to know: Pillows with 100% natural filling, without polyester added in the filling, like all Valeria Home pillows, do not remain elastic once you start using them. They compress when you start using them, adapting to your stature and sleeping position. They continue to provide healthy support for your head and neck.

Instructions: Air in the sun at the turn of each month. Spot cleaning only. The Pillow should not need cleaning, just air regularly to retain freshness.

Filling Material
Flaxilk - Flax and Silk

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