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Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow
Baby Merino Wool Pillow

Baby Merino Wool Pillow

”My First Pillow”, or Valeria Home Baby Pillow, is specially designed for babies aged 6 months to 3 years.

It offers a unique combination of low height and fluffiness. The pillow has a unique contour designed to provide optimal support for the head. 

It reaches the optimal density after approximately one month of use. Our wool pillow is ideal for the baby's first pillow, thanks to its temperature-regulating properties, hypoallergenic nature, and anti-dust mite characteristic.

Standard size: 50 x 30 cm. 

Filling: Pure Merino Wool
Exterior: 100% Organic Cotton Percale certified GOTS and OEKO-TEX

Why is wool suitable for babies?

Hypoallergenic: Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and can help protect babies from dust mites, mold, and other allergens that can trigger allergies or asthma.
Temperature regulation: Wool fibres are excellent at regulating body temperature, which can help keep babies comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Moisture absorption: Wool absorbs moisture, which can help keep babies dry and comfortable throughout the night.
Durable: Wool pillows maintain their initial characteristics for a longer time.

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multilayerThe multi-layer structure

We are using wave-shaped and multi-layer-arranged wool bates. This way, we can prevent overcrowding or the wool's migration inside the product.  

For the pillows, we are using the same method, arranging the wool so that it does not migrate inside the pillow, preventing the wool from overcrowding in time.

caring for woolCaring for your wool pillow:

Our Valeria Home Merino Wool Collection is entirely natural, so it shouldn't need cleaning often (simply airing it out can do the world of good). When the weather is appropriate, expose the products to sunlight to wick away the natural moisture that appeared overnight. Furthermore, UV light should be considered a high-power disinfectant.

We would recommend spot cleaning only. Do not tumble dry. Use the pillow only with a pillow cover. 

lanolinLanolin- the wool’s scent

The merino wool we use for our Valeria Home products is pure natural ecological wool, which is 100% pure. Our wool is obtained from sheep raised with no antibiotics, hormones, or other chemical treatments. We have replaced the usual detergents with ecological ones for the cleaning and washing process to prevent vegetation, dust, and excess fat. The result confines in a noble, clean wool with no characteristic pungent odor.

We do not clean the wool by soaking it in sulfuric acid to remove the vegetable matter from the wool. Usually, this sulfuric-acid bath removes the lanolin, the substance responsible for the therapeutic benefits of the wool.

In our cleaning process, the vegetable matter that remains in the wool is removed once again by combing it using special mechanical technology.

The wool we use in our Valeria Home products contains lanolin in the fibers. Lanolin has its characteristic odor, ”wool smell,” which fades over time (during the first weeks). The smell of the lanolin is a certainty of the therapeutic benefits of the products made from wool.

We recommend the products' ventilation 24-48 hours before the first use in sunlight.

Spring Autumn
Filling Material
Merino Wool
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