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Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet
Merino Medium Duvet

Merino Medium Duvet

This is more than just a beautiful duvet, it's the full package—delivering an incredible night's sleep. You get warmth, temperature regulation, and breathability in this signature handmade product. Controls moisture while you sleep.

Wonderful sleep comes from carefully selected natural materials.

Made with 100% Pure Merino Wool 300 g/m2 and 100% Organic Cotton Batiste 300TC, this Valeria Home Duvet is a long-term investment in your quality of sleep.

Thermal insulation:

The Merino Wool Medium Duvet has equivalent to approximately 7-10 Tog thermal insulation. It is comfortable for bedroom temperatures between 21 and 23℃.

We used two 150 g/mlayers of Merino Wool inside. It is the perfect balance between air permeability and thermal insulation. This structure is perfect for Spring and Autumn nights.

Benefits of using a pure merino wool duvet:

- Hypoallergenic and anti-mites;
- Naturally insulating material, excellent moisture control, high in air-permeability;
- Helps regulate body temperature, achieving a peaceful, good night's sleep through the night, in all seasons.

Duvet Size
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 160X220 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 200x220 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • Emperor 290x230 cm
  • Twin/Twin XL 64''x90''
  • Full/Queen 90''x90''
  • King / Cal King 104''x90''
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antimoliiTERPESHIELD anti-moth treatment

We have replaced the chemical dust mite treatment with Terpeshield, a natural mixture of pure essential oils that ensure protection and aromatherapy. Geraniol and Linalool are natural terpenes found in pure essential oils obtained from plants by steam distillation.

Anti-insecticide and anti-fungal role of Terpeshield:

  • Removes the moths and their larvae from the clean natural wool 
  • Drives insects and dust mites away - Prevents the appearance of fungi and mold 
  • Neutralizes bad odors

The Terpeshield aromatherapy:

  • Diminishes stress and increases focus and alertness 
  • Takes away muscle pain, migraine, indigestion, and inflammation 
  • Extremely efficient against insomnia, anxiety, and palpitations

The Geraniol and Linalool can be found in fruits, vegetables, spices, or plants such as geranium, lemongrass, lily of the valley, lavender, etc. The washing tests carried out in the lab showed that no active residues were found in the washing water or the rinsing water with which the textile products are Terpeshield treated.

The Terpeshield wool treatment does not contain phthalates, permethrins (usually known as Nix), endocrine disruptors, or other insecticides or chemical pesticides. Moreover, the treatment process does not consume thermal energy.

multilayerThe multi-layer structure

We are using bates of wool that are wave-shaped and multi-layer arranged. This way, we can prevent overcrowding or the migration of the wool inside the product. The wool layers present a density of 150-300g/sqm, the winter duvets contain two or more wool layers. 

For the pillows, we are using the same method, arranging the wool not to migrate inside the pillow, preventing the overcrowding of the wool in time.

organic cottonFiber-proof cotton fabric

The oxygen-bleached organic cotton fabric means fewer allergies

The organic cotton fabric is not coated (no polymer layer is applied) to prevent the migration of the fibers or feathers used for the manufacturing of the traditional pillows. The organic cotton fabric we are using prevents the wool fibers to migrate inside the fabric (dense fabric made out of very fine yarns). Moreover, mechanical processes are also prevented. The lack of this coating enables the air and moisture flow, significantly minimizing perspiration.


  • Lightweight 
  • Non-allergic and anti-mites 
  • Naturally insulating material 
  • High in air-permeability 
  • Helps regulate body temperature, achieving a peaceful, good night's sleep through the night, in all seasons

caring for woolCaring for your wool duvet:

Our Valeria Home Merino Wool Collection is entirely natural, so shouldn't need cleaning often (simply airing it out can do the world of good). When the weather is appropriate, expose the products to sunlight to wick away the natural moisture that appeared overnight. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that UV light is a high-power disinfectant.

We would recommend gentle dry cleaning - spot cleaning only. Do not tumble dry. Use the duvet only with a duvet cover. 

lanolinLanolin- the wool’s scent

The merino wool that we use for our Valeria Home products is a pure natural ecological wool, 100% pure. Our wool is obtained from sheep that are raised with no antibiotics, hormones, or other chemical treatments. For the cleaning and washing process, we have replaced the usual detergents with ecological ones to prevent vegetation, dust, and excess fat. The result confines in a noble, clean wool that does not have its characteristic pungent odor.

We do not clean the wool by soaking it in sulfuric acid to remove the vegetable matter from the wool. Usually, this sulfuric-acid bath removes the lanolin, the substance responsible for the therapeutic benefits of the wool.

In our cleaning process, the vegetable matter that remains in the wool is removed once again using a special mechanic technology for combing the wool.

The wool we are using in our Valeria Home products has lanolin in the fibers. Lanolin has its characteristic odor, ”wool smell”, which in time fades (during the first weeks). The smell of the lanolin represents a certainty of the therapeutic benefits of the products made out of wool.

We do recommend the ventilation of the products 24-48 hours before the first use, in sunlight.

Spring Autumn
Filling Material
Merino Wool
Bedroom temperature
21-23 ℃
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Pilota este de calitate

pilota este de calitate si corespunde descrieri de pe site

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O pilota de 5 stele!

O pilota foarte calitativa! A fost livrata prompt si frumos ambalata!

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Very satisfied

I also bought one and I 'm very happy . Congratulations!<br /> J'en ai aussi acheté un et j'en suis très content. Toutes nos félicitations!<br /> Ne ho comprato anche uno e sono molto contento. Congratulazioni!<br /> Ich habe auch einen gekauft und bin sehr glücklich. Herzliche Glückwünsche!<br /> Și eu am cumparat una și sunt foarte încântată. Felicitari!<br /> Επίσης αγόρασα ένα και είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος. Συγχαρητήρια!<br /> Също така купих един и съм много доволен. Честито!

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Exceptional products

Excellent medium duvet. Certainly and the rest of the products are just as qualitative. I recommend!<br /> Excellente couette moyenne. Certes et le reste des produits sont tout aussi qualitatifs. Je recommande! <br /> Eccellente piumino medio. Certamente e il resto dei prodotti sono altrettanto qualitativi. Raccomando!<br /> Hervorragende mittel Bettdecke. Bestimmt und der Rest der Produkte ist genauso qualitativ. Ich empfehle!<br /> Excelenta pilota medie. Cu siguranță și restul produselor sunt la fel de calitative. Recomand! <br /> Εξαιρετικό μεσαίο πάπλωμα. Σίγουρα και τα υπόλοιπα προϊόντα είναι εξίσου ποιοτικά. Προτείνω!<br /> Отлична средна завивка. Със сигурност и останалите продукти са също толкова качествени. Препоръчвам!

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Exceptional Products

I'm a fan of the manufacturer Valeria Home..have bought pillows for the bed, pillows for chairs, duvets different sizes for all beds in the house and not in the last row mattress and you say that all are superlative, some of them have passed the test of time. For all those who love sleep, health and put emphasis on quality, give your chance and thry the products.. making the difference between Valeria Home products and rest products synthetic market at a price exaggerated.<br /> Je suis fan du fabricant Valeria Home ... j'ai acheté des oreillers pour le lit, des oreillers pour les chaises, des couettes de tailles différentes pour tous les lits de la maison et pas dans le matelas de la dernière rangée et vous dites que tous sont superlatifs, certains d'entre eux ont passé l'épreuve du temps. Pour tous ceux qui aiment le sommeil, la santé et mettent l'accent sur la qualité, donnez votre chance et thry les produits .. faire la différence entre les produits Valeria Home et les produits de repos du marché synthétique à un prix exagéré.<br /> Sono una fan della produttrice Valeria Home..ho comprato cuscini per il letto, cuscini per sedie, piumini di diverse misure per tutti i letti di casa e non nell'ultima fila materasso e tu dici che sono tutti superlativi, alcuni di loro hanno superato la prova del tempo. Per tutti coloro che amano il sonno, la salute e mettono l'accento sulla qualità, dai la tua possibilità e prova i prodotti .. facendo la differenza tra i prodotti Valeria Home ei prodotti per il riposo sintetici di mercato ad un prezzo esagerato.<br /> Ich bin ein Fan des Herstellers Valeria Home. Ich habe Kissen für das Bett, Kissen für Stühle, Bettdecken in verschiedenen Größen für alle Betten im Haus und nicht in der Matratze der letzten Reihe gekauft und Sie sagen, dass alle der Superlative sind, einige von ihnen habe den Test der Zeit bestanden. Für alle, die Schlaf und Gesundheit lieben und Wert auf Qualität legen, geben Sie Ihre Chance und probieren Sie die Produkte aus. Machen Sie den Unterschied zwischen Valeria Home-Produkten und synthetischen Restprodukten zu einem übertriebenen Preis.<br /> Cred ca sunt unul dintre cei mai mari clienti(persoana fizica) al producatorului Valeria Home..am cumparat perne de pat,perne de scaun,plapumi diferite dimensiuni pentru toate paturile din casa si nu in ultimul rand saltea pentru patutul copilului si va zic ca toate sunt la superlativ ,unele din ele au trecut si proba timpului. Pentru toti cei care iubiti somnul,sanatatea si puneti accent pe calitate,acordati-va sansa sa va odihniti si altfel..facand diferenta intre produsele Valeria Home si restul produselor sintetice din piata la un pret exagerat.<br /> Είμαι οπαδός του κατασκευαστή Valeria Home..έχω αγοράσει μαξιλάρια για το κρεβάτι, μαξιλάρια για καρέκλες, παπλώματα διαφορετικών μεγεθών για όλα τα κρεβάτια στο σπίτι και όχι στο στρώμα της τελευταίας σειράς και λέτε ότι όλα είναι υπερθετικά, μερικά από αυτά έχουν περάσει το τεστ του χρόνου. Για όλους όσους αγαπούν τον ύπνο, την υγεία και δίνουν έμφαση στην ποιότητα, δώστε την ευκαιρία σας και τρίψτε τα προϊόντα .. κάνοντας τη διαφορά μεταξύ της συνθετικής αγοράς προϊόντων Valeria Home και προϊόντων ανάπαυσης σε τιμή υπερβολική.<br /> Аз съм фен на производителя Valeria Home..купих възглавници за леглото, възглавници за столове, завивки с различни размери за всички легла в къщата, а не в матрака от последния ред и казвате, че всички са превъзходни, някои от тях са преминали теста за време. За всички, които обичат съня, здравето и акцентират върху качеството, дайте шанс и опитайте продуктите .. правейки разликата между продуктите на Valeria Home и продуктите за почивка на синтетичен пазар на преувеличена цена.

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